Smart Audiences (Beta)

Utilizing Eventbrite Paid Social Ads' Smart Audience Features

What are Smart Audiences?

Smart Audiences are a new kind of Facebook targeting audience that will allow creators to reach new and potential attendees. This feature is currently in a very early testing stage. The purpose of smart audiences are to improve your campaign performance by helping you reach a much wider audience of potential attendees.

Using data from millions Eventbrite attendees, our system is able to generate an audience based on specific characteristics that make them likely to attend your event. We use signals of past purchases and registrations for events of your category, size, and price to provide the ability for you to expand the reach of your event to highly qualified people on Facebook and Instagram.

Smart Audiences are exclusive to creators using Eventbrite.

Who has access to Smart Audiences?

Currently, Smart Audiences are in a very limited private beta and are going to be accessible to a hand selected number of creators. This controlled test will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of Smart Audiences on campaign performance before a wider roll out to other advertisers using Eventbrite Boost.

What to expect

For creators selected for the initial alpha test, we will be communicating that they will start seeing Smart Audiences incorporated into their advertising campaigns on Eventbrite Boost alongside the audiences that they are using already. Smart Audiences will not affect or impact the scheduling or overall budget of the campaign. A small portion of the creator's budget for their ad campaigns will be funneled toward the Smart Audience in the beginning of the campaign and will only receive a larger portion of the overall budget if it starts to perform well and drives campaign results. As usual, real-time reporting will notify creators of their performance across their audiences and campaign overall.

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