How to Create Your Event Announce Playbook

Launch a Facebook ad campaign to promote your upcoming event

The Event Announce Playbook is designed to turn your announcement into real revenue. This strategy lets you snowball the hype and excitement into actual purchases when tickets go on sale.

Use this Playbook when it's time to introduce your event to the world.

Step 1: Select Accounts

Select your Facebook ad account. The payment method attached to this ad account is where your ad spend will be processed.

Select the Facebook page you'd like to advertise with.

We'll automatically select the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page you select in the step above.

Feel free to leave this section blank unless you'd like to select a different Instagram account than the one already attached to your page.

Step 2: Set Schedule

  1. Select a start date.This is when you'll be announcing your show.

  2. Select an end date for your ad campaign.

  3. Select the date you'd like the message with your ticketing link to be sent. Usually customers schedule this message to be sent the day tickets go on sale.

Step 3: Modify Budgets

  1. Choose between creating a daily budget or a total budget for your ad campaign.

  2. Enter your budget amount.

Pro Tip: First time advertising? Click here to learn more about advertising events with Facebook ads.

Step 4: Enter Event Location

  1. Enter the name of your event's location. Include surrounding cities to expand your reach and advertise to more people in the area.

  2. Customize the radius on cities by selecting the radius amount.

  3. Add an age range. This is for events that have a minimum age limit or may be serving alcohol.

Step 5: Modify Target Audiences

  1. Select the target audience you'd like to modify.

  2. If this is a Facebook Interest audience, please enter interests into the Template Options field.

  3. Reference the approximate size of the audience to understand how many people you will be reaching (the minimum size should be 10,000). Expand your audience with relevant interests by selecting the amount of interests you want to add.

Step 6: Design Ad

  1. Decide whether to use an existing Facebook post or create your own.

  2. If you're using an existing post, select it from the drop-down menu.

  3. If you're creating a new post, select the 'Add Post Text' option and enter the post text you'd like in the ad. Then, select the 'Add Image or Video Option' to upload an image or video. Otherwise, select one from your ads manager account.

Pro Tip: Make sure your post text encourages people to comment on the post to receive a ticket link. This will increase the engagement, number of Messenger subscribers, and ticket sales. Example: "Comment on the post below to get your ticket link 👇"

Note: creating a new post will create a dark post. This will show up as an ad in users' feeds, but not display publicly on the Facebook page.

Step 7: Customize Message

  1. Make any changes you'd like to the initial reply

  2. and reply follow up. These messages will be sent shortly after someone comments on your ad.

On the date you specified your tickets go on sale, your On Sale Ticket Link message will be sent to everyone that's commented on your post. Enter your event details accordingly:

  1. Message text to induce the ticketing link

  2. URL link to your ticketing page

  3. Creative image to accompany your message

  4. Headline of your event

  5. Subtitle of your event

  6. Customize your button text

Step 8: Activate Playbook

  1. Give your playbook a name for your reference AdSocket will provide you with Playbook results under this name.

  2. Once your Playbook is ready, select 'Launch Playbook' and you're good to go.