Scheduling FAQs

You can now schedule LinkedIn posts with Eventbrite Boost! For anything not covered in this FAQ, please reach out to

Are creators without a subscription to Boost available to use the “Now” option for Share on Social?

Yes, all creators in all geos will be able to use the “Now” option without having to pay for a Boost subscription.

Are creators on a free trial able to use the scheduling feature?

Yes they are able to use it.

What is the time frame in which a creator can schedule a post?

Creators will be able to schedule a post from the next 1 hour onwards till the next 90 days max. An error will be shown on the time/date selector when they select a date further than the max time period.

Will creators be able to reschedule details while creating their post?

Yes, once the date and time are saved, they can continue to create the post and then go back to click the “edit” option that will reopen the modal to select a new time and date.

Do I need to have a LinkedIn account connected to my Eventbrite account to post?

Yes, if your accounts are not connected when “Scheduling” or “Posting” you will be prompted to sign in to LinkedIn to connect your accounts.

What happens if I disconnect my LinkedIn account when I have scheduled posts on queue?

If the LinkedIn account it’s disconnected, on the specific time and date the post is supposed to go live, it will fail. This means that the post will be shown on the “Failed Posts” list. To reactivate the scheduled post, you need to reconnect the LinkedIn account and reschedule for a new date/time.

What happens if I disconnect and reconnect again?

If you reconnect to the same account and you had posts scheduled while there was no account connected, then you will need to reschedule the post by going back to the “Failed posts” search.

If connecting with a different account, scheduled posts will now be linked to the new account. This means that posts scheduled for the future will go out correctly on the new LinkedIn account, and “Failed Posts” can be changed to a new date/time.

Will the Calendar show me posts that I have already made?

Yes, the new calendar will show all instant and scheduled posts that have gone out, plus those that are scheduled in the future.

How many posts can I schedule per day?

You can schedule unlimited postings on the same day.

What happens if an event attached to a scheduled post is canceled?

An alert on the post card will appear but the post will continue on the queue. You can cancel or edit the scheduled post as needed.

If I make changes to the event that is shared through a LinkedIn post, does the post update automatically?

No, as the post is independent of the event itself. You can edit the post before it goes live, or directly on LinkedIn once it is published.

Am I able to connect multiple LinkedIn accounts to the same Eventbrite account?

No - you can only connect one LinkedIn account to your Eventbrite account.

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