Sales Curve Overview

The Sales Curve is a chart that plots how many tickets your event sells on a daily basis until your event occurs.

Watch this quick video to learn more about how the tool works & why it's so important:

The Sales Curve can described in three phases:

The first phase is the Early Bird phase. This is when your event is first announced and tickets become available for sale.

The second phase is the Halfway There phase. This is when the initial buzz around the announcement has faded but your event is still a long ways away. This phase applies to events where tickets are available for many weeks or months.

The third phase is the Last Call phase. This is when there are only a couple of weeks or days before your event occurs.

Experienced event marketers pay attention to how many registrations happen in these phases.

They then use this information to make better marketing decisions.

E.g. If an event sells 50% of tickets in the Last Call phase, it means fans are very likely to register in that phase. This means the marketer should plan on spending more of their budget in Last Call than Halfway There. They will focus on generating sales during the Last Call campaign.

They can also use this information to manage expectations and set the right goals.

E.g. Let's say an event usually sells 80% of tickets in the Last Call phase. The creator won't panic when they're seeing low sales in the Halfway There phase. This is because they know will likely sell the remaining tickets in the Last Call phase. They will instead focus on generating awareness during the Halfway There phase.

The Sales Curve is going to look different for every event creator.

Some events get the majority of their registrations during the Early Bird phase. These tend to be very popular events with limited capacity (i.e. a #1 Broadway Musical). Or they tend to be events that involve planning (e.g. taking your partner and children to see Disney on Ice!).

Other events get the majority of their registrations during the Last Call phase. For example, concerts for fans below 30 tend to sell more tickets during Last Call. The reasons why can vary by market, demographic, or event type.

The good news is that Eventbrite Boost will use your Sales Curve to automatically recommend the best marketing campaign to run. Including budget & duration recommendations!

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