Event Boost Facebook & Instagram Ads Overview

We built Eventbrite Boost to help save you time and money with a single tool to set up ticketing, advertise your events, and connect with your community.

Using what we’ve learned from powering millions of events each year, we’ll help you build marketing campaigns that work for events.

Create Your First Campaign

Eventbrite Boost helps you quickly create high-quality Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns, helping you get the most out of your ad budget.

Eventbrite Boost gives personalized campaign recommendations based on how your customers purchase for your events, helping you run the right ad at the right time!

Audit Your Campaigns

The main four elements that go into your campaign's performance are:

  1. Campaign Type, Ad Schedule & Budget

  2. Targeting

  3. Creative

  4. Conversion Tracking

We go extremely in-depth on how these elements impact your ad's performance below to help you understand the recommendations we make and make sense of the data you see!

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