Smart Link Troubleshooting & FAQs

If you're looking for more information on how to set up a pre-save or troubleshoot things such as timezones, custom domains for pre-saves, and performance of pre-save links check out our comprehensive guide below.

Full contents of this FAQ:​

Here are our general suggestions for improving Fanlink performance.

  1. Reduce the total number of services, less options = higher click-throughs!

  2. Enable β€œre-directs to service” so you're reducing friction and directing users to their preferred streaming service with one less click.

  3. Create and use a Facebook Pixel on your fanlink (if you don’t already have one). This lets you optimize for the view content event so you can optimize your ads to have someone clicking through to the actual service, not just the fanlink.

  4. If you are running ads to your link: Reassess your target audiences, sometimes poor click throughs could mean we aren’t sending qualified traffic to our fanlink.

How do I add my Facebook Pixel to the pre-save landing page?

You can add your FB Pixel on the 'Tracking Settings' step of creating the pre-save.

In the "Modify Link URL" section, you should be able to select your custom domain from the "Domain" drop-down menu. Note that you need to sync your custom domain in order for it to appear in the drop-down.

If you have not yet configured a custom domain on ToneDen, here is our guide on how to do so.

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