Multi-Event Ad FAQ

In this article, you'll find some of the most common Q&A for the Multi Event Ad Playbook!

Who is the campaign a good fit for?

This campaign is most helpful for:

  1. High-volume event creators looking for a complimentary marketing strategy to help automate parts of your funnel.

  2. Anyone with more than 3+ events on-sale in the same location.

  3. Anyone who wants to automate remarketing for as low as $1/day

Who is the campaign NOT a good fit for?

  1. Anyone who only has 1-2 events they're marketing

  2. Anyone who is throwing events in multiple locations (although if you have 3+ events in a given location, you can always segment the ad to target events in a specific location)

What are the best segmentation options to use?

If your customers normally buy later, the "Events Happening in X Days" option would be your best bet. You'd want to use the 30, 14, or 7-day segmentation options, depending on how far out you start to see purchases pick up.

If you also see a lot of purchases near your on-sale, you can segment using the "Events on Sale in the past X day" option.

What audiences should I target with my campaign?

You'll first want to ask yourself who you want to focus on targeting with your ad. Do we want to keep the budget low and focus only on remarketing, or do we want to spend a bit more and also target new prospective buyers.

Here are some targeting recommendations depending on your targeting + budget preferences:

  • Remarketing (Low Budget - $1/day) - Focus on targeting only the grouped remarketing audience (the eventbrite one if using past buyer data, the Facebook one if using).

  • Prospecting & Remarketing (Avg Budget - $3-5/day) - Focus on targeting new customers (interest audience) in addition to your existing remarketing audiences

  • Prospecting & Remarketing (High Budget - $5+/day) - Focus on targeting new customers (interest audience) in addition to your existing remarketing audiences. Add in a Lookalike like a LL of Past Buyers to A/B test and run a better ad.

Why are there zero events in my catalog after generating it?

The campaign works through something called a product catalog. Think of this as a digital inventory of all the events you have on sale with Eventbrite.

If an event sells out or ends, we automatically remove it, and if a new event is added, we added it to the campaign.

This catalog is built by FB pulling data from your Eventbrite events, and since it's pulling a lot of info don't be suprised if it doesn't load right away.

Especially for those with tons of events, Facebook is processing a lot of data and it might take an hour or so before the catalog is built. If you encounter this, please save the campaign as a draft and come back later once the catalog has been generated.

Why are there duplicate events in my catalog after generating it?

If you see multiple events in the catalog for the same event, don't sweat it - it's totally fine! Basically, an item is made in the product catalog for each ticket type you have available - so if you have 3 ticket types for one event you'll see the event 3 times in the catalog.

You don't need to uncheck the extras, just a quirk of the campaign! :)

How long should I should have my campaign for?

As this ad is totally automated, most creators set this ad to run up for anywhere from 1-6 months. Most people opt for a longer duration so they don't forget about it.

How often should I update my ad creative?

If you want to keep your ad fresh, you can edit it every few months to change up the placeholder text we use. Some creators like orienting their message around the relevant holiday (i.e. tickets make great Christmas gifts, etc.)

How is my creative generated?

We automatically pull info from your Eventbrite to build your ad creative, so you shouldn't have to edit much in the ad design section.

You can override any image that we pull from Eventbrite by clicking the "Edit Catalog" images button.

How are updates to my event on Eventbrite reflected in my MEA campaign?

Any updates you make to your Eventbrite event are reflected and updatedd in your MEA campaign ever 24 hours.

If an event goes on sale or sells out, it's automatically added/removed from the campaign. If you update the title or picture for your Eventbrite event, the MEA campaign will reflect those new changes after the campaign does it's daily catalog update.

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