Facebook Event Overview

In this guide, you'll learn the importance of creating Facebook Events to promote your upcoming Eventbrite event(s)

Eventbrite's "Facebook Event" feature inside Eventbrite Boost is one of the best ways to start promoting your event after you create it on Eventbrite.

Facebook events are very important because:

  • They let your customers buy tickets without leaving Facebook (reduced buying friction)

  • They allow fans to RSVP so they don't forget about the event and they can remind themselves to buy at a later date

  • You can easily remarket to anyone who visits or RSVPs for your event with an ad campaign

  • You can use that same data to build lookalike audiences, giving you more targeting options and data to work with

  • You can later run ads to promote your Facebook Event - these ads both drive engagement, awareness, and ticket sales!

Facebook events are COMPLETELY FREE so make sure to create one after you make your event on Eventbrite!

You can create your first Facebook event in Eventbrite Boost by going to this link!

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