How to Sync Your Ad Account to Eventbrite Boost

A step-by-step guide on setting up your account

First Time Account Users

The first time you use your Eventbrite Boost account to create an ad campaign you will be prompted to connect your Facebook ad account with a message that looks like this:

After selecting Connect Facebook Ad Account, a pop-up from Facebook should appear. This window will ask you to confirm the connection and give your Eventbrite Boost account the correct permissions associated with your Facebook page.

Once you confirm the connection, you can begin building your ad campaign. Go to the selected accounts step to verify that you have connected that right accounts.

Updating Your Settings

You can control your personal Facebook account and Facebook Ad account by going to your Advertising Settings page.

Select Connect or Update to sync your personal Facebook account and your Facebook Page. This will allow your to create target audiences, ads and messenger campaigns from your Eventbrite Boost account.

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