How to Create the Spotify Growth Playbook Campaign

A step-by-step guide to creating a Spotify Growth Playbook Campaign in Eventbrite Boost

Before You Get Started

We highly recommend creating a video formatted for Instagram Stories Ads prior to making your Spotify Growth Playbook campaign. This guide will teach you best practices and ad creative basics:

pageHow to Create Instagram Stories Ads

Step 1: Select Accounts

  • Choose the Facebook advertising account you want the campaign to be created under in the "Select a Facebook Advertising Account" section.

  • Choose a Facebook Page & Instagram Account to post as.

  • Choose a Facebook Pixel (optional).

    • This option will only appear if the Facebook Advertising Account you've selected has more than one Facebook Pixel attached to it. If your Facebook Advertising Account only uses one pixel, we will automatically use that pixel in your ad campaign.

The ads in the Spotify Growth Playbook campaign will ONLY appear in Instagram Stories. The reason why you have to choose a Facebook Page is because Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Please remember to link your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page if you haven't yet:

pageHow to Link an Instagram Account (Instagram Business Profile) to a Facebook Page

Step 2: Set Schedule

Select a campaign start and end date/time.

Recommended: Toggle on "Run my ad campaign continuously" checked if you want your campaign to run continuously.

Step 3: Target Spotify Fans

Select Your Spotify Artist

The first step is to enter your artist name in the "Select Spotify Artist" section. This is the Spotify profile fans will see after they up on your ad.

We will track the follower growth of the artist you choose in the "Select Spotify Artist" section.

Add Spotify Artists

The second step is to enter at least two Spotify artists (in addition to yours) who are most similar to the artist you want to promote. Please note: the list of names is not your actual audience. These artists will generate your campaign's true target audience in the next step in Generated Interests.

Generate Interests

Adding related Spotify artists in the previous step will help you find relevant interests to target. This will usually include artists in the Fans Also Like section of your selected artist on Spotify.

In this step, add and/or remove generated audiences. You can also add in more interests by clicking on the "Generated Interests" box and typing in your own. The interests in this section are what is targeted on Instagram.

Please proofread your generated audiences to make sure they are all relevant to your audience.

The last step is to choose your Spotify Markets in the "Select Spotify Markets" step.

Global targeting should be selected by default (recommended).

Step 4: Modify Budgets

To complete the "Modify Budgets" step, enter a daily budget amount in the "Set a daily budget for this ad campaign" field.

Set a daily budget of at least $5 per day.

Step 5: Design Story Ad

You can add either video creative or image creative to your campaign by pressing the "Add Image" or "Add Video" buttons in the "Add and customize your creatives" section.

Pressing the "Add Video" button pulls up your "Video Library".

The "Video Library" allows you to upload videos from your desktop computer when you press the "Upload New Video" button.

You can also use videos from past advertising campaigns by selecting any video in the "Ad Account Library" section. Press the "Add Selected Asset" video after you select your video to add it to your campaign.

Campaigns see the best results when they include video creative specifically designed for Instagram Stories.

We highly recommend creating a video formatted for Instagram Stories Ads prior to making your Spotify Growth Playbook campaign. You can learn best practices & how to make the ad creative in the following guide:

Step 6: Review Ad Campaign

Review your ad campaign and make sure everything looks good!

Step 7: Launch Playbook

Add a name for your campaign in the "Playbook Name" field. This is the name you can use to identify the campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager account after it is launched.

You can also add Campaign Tags to the campaign for quick searching later.

You can also enter your email in the "Email Notifications" field to get daily report emails regarding your campaign.

Press "Launch Playbook Campaign" to launch your campaign.

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