Business Manager Sync Troubleshooting

If you're experiencing an error syncing to your Facebook Business Manager while building a Boost campaign, you'll likely find a solution in the article below! 👇
When building a campaign on Eventbrite Boost, you may notice the following message in the "Select Accounts" step highlighted in red:
"Please connect a Business Manager to your Ad Account"
Completing this process unlocks the tools you need to run the best campaigns on Eventbrite Boost. Here's why we recommend you sync your ad account to a business manager account:
  1. 1.
    It's needed to target the most profitable audiences
  2. 3.
    It's needed to run Multi Event Ads, which advertise your whole calendar of events on an affordable budget.
While attempting to sync, you may encounter different types of errors. Continue reading to find a solution for the error message you might be seeing.
Error: You can't use this feature in Business Manager until you verify the email you entered when creating this business account. If you didn’t receive a verification email, you can request a new one in Business Settings under Business Info.
  • You must verify the email you entered when creating your business account on Facebook. If you didn’t receive a verification email, you can request a new one in Business Settings under Business Info. Click here to navigate to Business Info to request a new one, or here's a quick video on the process:
Note: After you add your email there will be a blue line of text that says "Resend Verification Email".
Error: Cannot claim this account at this moment since it has personal payment orders on it. This Ad Account cannot be claimed. Ad Accounts connected to FB Payments are ineligible to be claimed into a Business Manager.
  • Create a new Ad Account in your Business Manager. Click here to do so. You can watch a how-to video here:
  • As well as read more here on how to create a new Ad Account inside Facebook Business Manager:

Error: This personal ad account can't be added to Business Manager because a payment has not been made. Make your first payment and try again, or create a new ad account in Business Manager instead.


Error: This ad account has already been added to another business. You can request permission to work on it.

  • You must receive access to the other business account in order to sync. Read more here on how a current admin of the business account can grant you access.
  • If you are unable to get access to the business account, you will need to create a new Business Manager and Facebook Ad Account. Click here to create a new Business Manager account. You can read more here on how to create a new business account.

Error: You're no longer allowed to use Facebook Products to advertise. You can't run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts.

  • You can't run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts. Visit account quality for more information on why this happened and how to resolve it.
  • Many users (but not all) sometimes see this message if they haven't yet activated Two-Factor Authentication for their business account on Facebook. You can check whether you have 2FA set up at this link, as well as check the status of your business security settings here. If you don't yet have it set up, you can do it from there.
Error: A Business Can Only Claim One Ad Account At One Time
Error: You've reached your ad account maximum. You can increase your limit by making a payment on your business account. See your ad account limit in Business Manager (go to Business Settings, then Business Info).
  • Both these errors require the same fix.
  • The Business Manager account you’re trying to move your ad account into already has an existing ad account in it. If the existing ad account IS related to the same business, check that it has a suitable payment method attached. Once you’ve confirmed a suitable payment method is attached, please select this ad account for your Eventbrite Boost campaign. Click here to check the ad account payment method. More info on updating or changing a payment method for your ad account can be found here:
  • If the current ad account is NOT related to your business, you will need to make a separate ad account and business manager account. You can start the process here. Here is a quick how-to video on the process:

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