How to Reach all your Facebook + IG fans with One Audience

One of the most powerful audiences is what we call a "remarketing" audience that hits all of your existing fans. This can pull from sources such as your Facebook page engagers, Instagram account engagers, and Facebook Pixel engagers.

Instead of making a separate audience for each type of existing fan, you can hit all of these fans in one go with an all-encompassing Remarketing audience: our Facebook Grouped Remarketing tool.

Click Add New, Facebook, Facebook Grouped Remarketing Audience, followed by selecting your connected social platforms in all the respective drop-down menus:

If you Instagram account is not appearing, you will need to triple check it is an Instagram Business Account.

pageHow to Switch an Instagram Account to an Instagram Business Profile

If you'd like to reach each of these audiences individually, you can continue reading on how to add them in as separate audiences (instead of within a larger "Grouped Remarketing" audience).

Vast majority of individuals will see good results running the Facebook Grouped Remarketing audience. The rare occasion where it makes sense to "split" these audiences up is if you have a very strong fanbase on a particular social media platform, and want to make sure that fan base (ie Facebook engagers) get its own, separate portion of your campaign budget – instead of being lumped in with your other fans, such as IG engagers.

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