Create an Eventbrite Ad

Follow these simple instructions to create an Eventbrite Ad!

Please note: Eventbrite Ads is currently in beta testing. Only a selected portion of Eventbrite creators have access to this feature. Access to additional creators will be released in the next few months.

Creators in NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Las Vegas, Austin, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego, Charlotte, Tampa, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, and Online events located in the US, UK, CAN, and AUS.

1. Go to the Eventbrite Ads (Beta) section in the Marketing tab.

2. Click “New Campaign” to create a new Campaign.

3. Create Your Campaign

When creating your Eventbrite Ad, you’ll be able to adjust your event, budget, and schedule.

The first step is to select your event. Please note that events outside the available geos, are currently ineligible to launch campaigns at this time.

The second step you'll want to decide how long you want to run the ad and set the schedule.

Then, you'll want to set your budget. You’ll see suggested amounts, but you can always customize your budget by clicking “Set a Custom Budget".

Finally, you’ll want to add your payment method. Your card will be charged for the ad spend on the first of the month for any ads you ran in the previous month. So if you are running an ad in March, you will not be charged for it until April 1st.

4. Preview Your Ad

Here you’ll have the chance to review and preview your ad before it launches!

Under the preview, you will see the location setting. While in beta testing, this is not an option to customize. This will automatically populate from your event’s location.

Then, you can also look over our frequently asked questions for more information!

Once you have reviewed your campaign, you’ll see the orange “Launch Campaign” button become available at the bottom right corner of the campaign page!

After you've launched your campaign, you’ll see the ad is “pending” until the ad is approved by Eventbrite’s Trust and Safety team. If you’ve seen the pending message for more than 48 hours - feel free to reach out to us at

Your campaign will appear as "live" once it has been approved by Eventbrite's Trust and Safety team! ✅

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