How to Target Past Eventbrite Purchasers

One of the highest converting and most profitable ways to target fans who are interested in your brand but havenโ€™t necessarily followed you on social media yet, or bought tickets to your latest event, is to target fans who have purchased from your Eventbrite events in the past.

This type of audience is useful if you have a minimum of 100 past purchasers tied to your Eventbrite organization.

You can target this audience through the service by pressing Add New, Eventbrite, Eventbrite Audience of Past Attendees, followed by selecting the appropriate Eventbrite Organization from the drop down menu:

If you hold events in varying locations (or hold events with greatly different attendees) and don't wish to serve ads to all of your past purchasers, you can serve ads to past purchasers in particular areas or demographics by selecting the "Eventbrite Audience of Selected Event Attendees."

This will allow you to get more specific with who you are reaching with you ad.

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