New Year's Events + Troubleshooting FAQ

In this FAQ you'll learn marketing best practice New Year's events and how to troubleshoot any issues you run into in the process

Get Started: Free & Easy Boost Tools

If you don't know where to begin marketing your holiday event, we'd recommend diving into the following features! They're quick to use, don't cost anything and they're very helpful!

  • Facebook Events - Publish your Eventbrite event to Facebook so fans can RSVP and buy tickets. Level up your marketing by running an ad campaign to remarket to those who RSVP and visit!

  • Email Campaigns - Send an email campaign to your subscriber list so they don't forget about your upcoming event.

Best Practice Marketing Strategy - FB & IG Ads

In this short video, we'll walk you through creating the best campaign to market your holiday events!

Get started building your first campaign here!

If you're looking for more indepth guides - feel free to watch a recording of our Holiday Event Marketing Webinar!

Holiday Campaign Recommendations 🎉

When creating ad campaigns for your upcoming holiday event, you'll want to make sure that:

  1. Your considering the current level of urgency for your customers to purchase. When your customers are most likely to purchase (normally in the week leading up to your end) you'll want to run an ad that directs to your ticketing pages. If you're still a ways out and you want to drive sales and build your remakreting audiences, you can run an RSVP ad.

  2. Make sure you've published your Eventbrite events to Facebook. More RSVPs = larger remarketing audiences for your ads = more conversions.

  3. Try to use video creatives that showcase the event experience and give context. Limit your total ad creative varations and stick to A/B testing the image/video.

  4. You're looking at your event sales in the back end in Eventbrite and you're mindful of how your previous events sold. Now that users can opt out of pixel tracking, purchases will result from your ads that Facebook can't attribute/take credit for. Your ads might actually be more effective than at first glance!

Here are some advanced tips:

  1. You can always set up multiple campaigns to address different parts of your funnel. When advertising an event with a large budget, some advertisers like to set up one campaign for prospecting (targeting interests + lookalikes // 70-80% of total budget) and one campaign for remarketing (targeting the grouped remarketing audience). This helps ensure that you don't overspend on remarketing and that you're spending a fixed amount towards attracting new customers. The easiest way to do this is to setup one campaign first, duplicate the campaign, switch the audiences and then the budget.

  2. Advanced Targeting - for a sample balanced audience mix, you'll want to make sure that your ad is targeting prospects and remarketing to those with great purchase intent. You'll want to use a mix that looks like this:

    1. Audience #1 - Interest Audience or Spotify Related Artist Interest Audience (if music)

    2. Audience #2 - Eventbrite Grouped Remarketing Audience

    3. Audience #3 - Eventbrite Smart Audience Lookalike or Lookalike of Past Attendees

    4. Audience #4 (optional) - Various additional lookalike (page engagers, instagram engagers, event engagers, etc)

If you're using the simple targeting mix, you'll cover all of your bases in terms of the first 3 audiences, but you can always switch to advanced targeting to ad more!

Troubleshooting Ad Errors

If you encounter any ad disapprovals or Facebook error when getting your ad live, you'll want to visit Facebook Account Quality.

Here are a few links to our troubleshooting guides for common issues you may run into!

If you run into an unspecified or odd error with your campaign, sometimes a quick fix is to duplicate your campaign and launch a new one.

Facebook errors can be inaccurate and launching a new version of your campaign can get you up and running quickly!

Personal Payments Issue - Business Manager

You may run into a "Personal Payments" issue moving your ad account into Business manager (if you're a first time FB advertiser) when building your first ad.

There is a current issue with Facebook that's preventing users from moving their ad account into business manager (think of this as basically putting a credit card into a wallet).

The easiest solution here is to make a new ad account in Business manager - it takes around 2-3 minutes and then you'll be all set to run ads.

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