Eventbrite Boost Overview

Eventbrite Boost is a new all-in-one event marketing platform for creators. It lets you promote your event right after you make it on Eventbrite and without leaving your Eventbrite dashboard.

You can find it in the Marketing tab at the top of your navigation bar in the Manage Events section.

Using what we’ve learned from powering millions of events each year, we’ll help you build marketing campaigns that work for events. Plus, we’ll be there every step of the way with in-product guidance based on your specific events and goals.

There are 3 different ways you can promote your event through Eventbrite Boost.

You can send emails to your past attendees and email subscribers with our email tool. Similar to how you would with Mailchimp.

You can publish your events to Facebook using a special integration we have called Add to Facebook. This integration lets attendees buy tickets without leaving the Facebook App.

And if you want to save time and make even better Facebook & Instagram Ads... you can do that with our version of Facebook Ads Manager built for event creators. In other words, you can build Facebook Ads without leaving Eventbrite.com.

More context on each feature can be found below! 🎉

Email Campaigns

Read up on all the perks here:

Eventbrite Boost has an email service similar to Mailchimp.

It’s best used when sending specific emails to announce an event to your past attendees OR to remind your past attendees that an event is about to happen.

It’s transactional. This is great because we know attendees typically buy right when an event is announced or right before it's going to occur.

The service is currently free however there is a send limit of 2,000 emails per day. This means that if you have a mailing list of 10,000, it will take 5 days to send to everyone on the list.

You can import emails from your current email service provider into our system. The service isn’t a good fit for newsletter marketing at the moment but will be in the future.

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Facebook Events

Eventbrite Boost has an integration with Facebook that lets you create a Facebook Event from Eventbrite.com. This is a completely free feature and should be one of the first things you do after you publish your event!

The integration is special for 3 reasons:

  • Fans can buy tickets for your Eventbrite event without leaving the Facebook App. This has a very high conversion rate and typically leads to more ticket sales.

  • It’s much faster than creating a Facebook Event in the Facebook UI. It creates the Facebook Event in a handful of clicks and prepoulates the relevant information.

  • It’s especially useful for events that have tickets available for sale for a very long period of time. More RSVPs for your events on Facebook means social proof for your event, more people see it being recommended by Facebook, and creates more opportunities to get in front of attendees before your event.

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Ad Campaigns

Eventbrite Boost has its own version of Facebook Ads Manager built for event creators. You can build ads that appear on Facebook & Instagram without leaving your Eventbrite dashboard. Event creators prefer using our tool over Ads Manager for a few reasons:

  • You can track sales from your ads. If someone views or clicks on your ad and buys within seven days we can attach the purchase back to your ad. We do this through the Facebook pixel and install it for you automatically. You can even see returns by the type of audience you target.

  • We help you target the right audiences. Every campaign targets a mix of new people and people already familiar with your brand. The A/B testing is automatic.

  • We help make the most of your budget. We have a budget optimization algorithm that moves the budget away from poor performing ads & into high performing ads.

We'll not only help save you time building stronger campaigns, but we'll get you better results with your existing marketing budgets!

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Multi-Event Ads

Eventbrite Boost has a feature called Multi Event Ads that helps you advertise multiple events through one automated ad campaign!

It’s best for creators that have a lot of events in a singular location, but small marketing budgets Multi Event Ads let you advertise your entire event calendar on Facebook with one ad for as little as $2/day.

Events automatically get added to the ad when you announce them. And then they get removed from the ad after they sell out or happen.

Creators love. these ads because: You can “set it and forget it.” They market a lot of events with very little budget, the returns are great, and there's no extra work besides the set up!

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Instagram Growth

Eventbrite Boost's Instsagram Growth tool helps you build an IG story swipe up ad to grow your Instagram following. This campaign will:

  • Grow Your IG Following - We'll help you understand how much it costs to acquire new followers.

  • Organic Marketing Benefits - The more IG followers you have, the more effective your organic marketing efforts becomes, more people will know about your event, and Instagram can better recommend your profile to people that like similar events.

  • Paid Marketing Benefits - this ad will increase the size of your engamgent remarketing audiences. These are generally people with higher purchase intent that are more likely to buy tickets and can be targeted with the ads you make in Boost

  • Sell Tickets - this campaign helps new people discover your events, which leads them to visit your ticketing pages and make purchases. It's always funneling people to check out your events!

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