Eventbrite Boost Table of Contents 👋

Our knowledge base will give you everything you need to master social marketing using Eventbrite Boost
Welcome to Eventbrite Boost! 🎉
We built Eventbrite Boost to help save you time and money with a single tool to set up ticketing, advertise your events, and connect with your community.
Using what we’ve learned from powering millions of events each year, we’ll help you build marketing campaigns that work for events. Plus, we’ll be there every step of the way with in-product guidance based on your specific events and goals.
You can learn more about it by watching the below overview video:
We've included a table of contents below, but we recommend starting with the Eventbrite Boost Overview:
If you're short on time, we also recommend looking at our guide on how to make campaigns with Eventbrite Paid Social Ads:
We look forward to seeing you make better Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns! ✌️

Getting Started

Our Getting Started section covers the basic things you'll need to do before you can create your first campaigns with Eventbrite Boost.

Email Campaigns

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our Facebook & Instagram Ads section covers "How To" guides on how to create ads with Eventbrite Boost.

Grow on Instagram

Our Grow on Instagram section covers "How To" guides on how to create grow your Instagram following with Eventbrite Boost.


Our Troubleshooting section shows you how to appeal or fix Facebook Ad Errors you might be experiencing.

​Account Setup

Our Account Setup section covers everything you need to know about pricing (how much Eventbrite Boost costs, how to upgrade or cancel) as well as tips & tricks for setting up your account.

Growth Tools

Our Growth Tools section covers how to build smartlink landing pages for a variety of different uses: podcasts, livestreams, events, tours, and more. You'll also find information on social unlocks & contests meant to draw more engagement from fans.

Other Growth Playbooks

The Other Growth Playbooks section will cover some of our other growth suite options meant to grow your Spotify, YouTube, or TikTok followership.

Event Marketing Playbooks

The Event Marketing Playbooks section will cover other pre-packaged campaigns you can use to market your events.

Google Ads

Our Google Ads section is a great way to learn more about common topics surrounding campaign setup.

Advertising and Promotion

The Advertising and Promotion step is where you can dive deep into advertising concepts such as A/B testing & budget optimization, as well as learn how to set up the most common audience-types while building your campaign.