How to Track Results and Sales from Your Ads with Offline Events

A guide on Offline Events: what they are and how you can use them to measure ticket sales with ease.

What are Offline Events and how can you utilize them to track ticket sales?

Advertisers used to be able to measure ticket sales & event registrations from their ads by using the Facebook Pixel.

For example, creators could spend $100 on an ad and see that they made $500 back in gross ticket sales. Or creators could spend $50 on an ad and see that 100 people registered to their event after seeing the ad.

Recent changes in the advertising world have made this method of tracking your ad results unreliable – and increasingly unavailable – moving forward.

The good news is that if you are an Eventbrite Boost user, you can receive conversion data on your campaigns in just a few simple steps with Facebook’s Offline Conversion Tracking tool:

With offline conversions you can measure how much your Facebook ads lead to real-world outcomes, such as purchases in your stores, phone orders, bookings and more. Compare offline conversions from your physical stores to the list of people who saw or clicked on your ads. This will help you understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. – Facebook Business Help Center

Here’s how the process works for Eventbrite Boost users:

  1. Eventbrite will automatically provide Facebook a list of people who purchased something from your event ticketing page (every 12 hours on your behalf).

  2. Facebook will cross-reference this buyer list with all the individuals who clicked on your ad(s).

  3. As a result, you will see conversion data of all the people who clicked on your ad and then bought a ticket.

We highly recommend you take these two, simple steps necessary to run Offline Conversion Tracking:


Make sure you are a Facebook Business Manager Admin. See here on how to create a Business Manager account, or ask to be granted Admin status on an existing Business Manager Account. Read more about requesting admin access on this help doc.

If you are connected to your team’s Business Manager but not an admin of the account (ie you have "Employee" access), please do the following:

If you are not connected to your team’s Business Manager whatsoever, please do the following:

  • Ask the creator or Admin of your Business Manager to go to

  • Have them click “Add,” type in your email address, then give you Admin access

  • Additionally, they can give you admin access to all the pages and ad accounts within that Business Manager account if you don't already have that level of access (recommended)


Make sure to accept the offline conversion tracking Terms of Service from Facebook. The Terms of Service will appear in one of two places:

  • The terms will appear in your campaign dashboard in EB Boost after you’ve launched the campaign. You only need to complete this step once, and all past/present/future campaigns will start measuring offline events. Please be sure to check for this notification once your latest campaign is live, after it has exited Facebook Review.

  • You will need to click the "View & Accept Terms" button, which will navigate you to Facebook.

  • From there, click the blue button that says "Upload Events" and Accept the Terms of Service.

  • Once you have accepted the Terms of Service, go back into your campaign & click the button in your campaign dashboard that says "Done"

  • The terms can also appear in your Eventbrite Boost Settings section after you’ve launched your first campaign.

Once both these two actions have been completed in entirety, our system will automatically upload purchase emails to Facebook and cross-reference this list with any user activity on your ads. The result will be conversion data (purchases) that will be updated once every 12 hours.


What if I’m not a business manager admin? If you are not a business manager admin, your campaign will not be able to report back on purchase data. You will see how many people the campaign is reaching, and metrics such as your cost per click or click-through rate on the ad, but no revenue data.

Do I need to set up a Facebook pixel? Nope! With offline conversion tracking, no pixel installation on your Eventbrite page is required.

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