Viewing Budget Optimization Insights

All marketers want to know that they are using their ad dollars most efficiently. That's why Eventbrite Boost's optimization engine gives you an easier way to manage your ad budgets and ensure optimal results.

Optimization Insights displays the optimization engine working in real-time to make you more money on every campaign. In the view, you will see the amount spent, revenue generated and estimated revenue without optimization on each audience.

By comparing the results between a campaign with optimization and without optimization, we can calculate the returns from Eventbrite Boost's optimization engine. With the right campaign attributes and optimization, results can compound at incredible returns. Small differences add up over time.

Optimization Insights are available for campaigns that have multiple target audiences and experienced a noticeable shift in performance. When a campaign is eligible to surface this information, Optimization Insights will become visible above your Campaign Logs.

Campaign Logs

While your campaign is live, your campaign log will display a time-stamped report of any changes that have been made for your analysis. Here you will see Eventbrite Boost's optimization engine in action.

Green displays the amount of budget that has been added to an audience, while red displays the amount of budget that has been removed from an audience. The results, engagement and conversions events of each target audience determine these adjustments over the course of the campaign.

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