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Why is this feature useful?

You can finally create posts and share your events to LinkedIn right from Eventbrite! This lets you reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network.

Eventbrite's Share on LinkedIn tool will allow you to:

  • Save time, and avoid moving between multiple platforms to perform your main Marketing Tasks.

  • Use prefilled information to create your posts from events you already have created.

  • Visualize your post’s preview and see what it will look like on LinkedIn before going live.

  • Access Canva’s integration and create personalized posts at the moment!

The bottom line: by sharing posts or Eventbrite events on LinkedIn, you can drive more people to your events, grow a collection, and build brand awareness.

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How do I start creating a Post for LinkedIn on Eventbrite?

View our how to guide & video in this article, or continue reading below:

pageShare Your Event on LinkedIn
  1. Choose the type of post you want to share: are you seeking to invite people to an event, to get to know a collection you've created, or are hoping to write a post free-hand?

2. Check the event or collection selected is correct, or search for a new event.

3. Check or edit the description that will be the body of your LinkedIn post. Be sure to add any relevant hashtags.

4. Add Hashtags that will boost your post’s discovery on LinkedIn.

5. Select the visibility type.

6. Check the pre-selected image, or if creating a free-hand post, choose a new image (by uploading from your device or creating a new one on Canva).

7. Share on LinkedIn!

How do I use the Canva integration to make my post image?

When creating a free-hand post, you have the option to upload an image or design one using our Canva integration. Please note that posting an Event or Collection will use the event banner you uploaded when first creating your event, and that the Canva option is only available when creating a "Post"

Once you have selected the "Post" option:

First, you will be asked to sign in to your Canva account, or create a new Canva account.

Once signed in, the blank Canva template will automatically use LinkedIn's recommended post size.

Once you have designed your image, click the "Add" button in the upper corner, and Boost will show you a preview of your image on your LinkedIn post.

What does a successful post look like?

  • LinkedIn is more text-based than other social media channels. Try creating posts with 2-3 sentences in the description to generate more engagement with your audience. Be sure to let people know:

What your event is about

When and where it's happening

A call to action to buy tickets, follow your Eventbrite Organizer, or check out your event/collections page

  • Be clear with where you're sending audiences to RSVP or buy tickets.

  • Keywords and hashtags are key to make sure your organic content is showcased to your target audience, if you choose to share your LinkedIn post publicly. Make sure you include any and all relevant hashtags.

  • Genuinely ask people to give their opinion on subjects that you want to learn more about, whenever relevant. Seek other ideas and open the discussion to anyone.

Some examples of posts you might share to LinkedIn:

Do I need to have a LinkedIn account to use the feature on Eventbrite?

Yes, you need to have or create a LinkedIn account so you are able to post on LinkedIn.

What type of account can I use?

Right now you are only able to use an individual account (the Share to LinkedIn tool doesn’t support Business accounts).

Do I need to give Eventbrite certain permissions so that I am able to successfully create my posts?

While creating your first post on LinkedIn, you will be asked to connect your LinkedIn account. Eventbrite will ask you grant permission to:

  • Your name & photo

  • Create, modify, and delete posts, comments, and reactions on your behalf

What kind of events can I share on Linkedin posts?

You are able to select and share all your public events. This means an event should be published on Eventbrite before you try to share on LinkedIn. They cannot be private or draft events.

What kind of collections can I share on Linkedin posts?

All your Eventbrite-created collections are shareable on LinkedIn. All you need to do is select the "Collection" option when creating your post:

Do I have a limited amount of posts I can do?

Nope! You can post to LinkedIn through Eventbrite as many times as you'd like.

Can I make more than one post inviting people to attend the same event?

Yes, posting is not limited to specific events, and you are not limited in the number of posts you can make for each event.

However, if you do choose to post about the same event multiple times on LinkedIn, we recommend spacing the posts out so audiences don't feel overwhelmed.

Where are attendees or followers going to be routed to when they see my post?

It depends on the kind of post selected:

For inviting audiences to an event: the LinkedIn post will include the link to your Eventbrite event listing.

For a Collection: the LinkedIn post will include the link to whichever Collection you've selected.

For a free-hand post: You will be able to embed a link of your choosing.

Where can I manage my LinkedIn account information?

Once you have connected your LinkedIn account, you can view and manage your LinkedIn connection by heading to the "Settings" section within Eventbrite Boost's Marketing Hub. From there, you may select "Integrations" and view or change the connected LinkedIn account.

Where do I go to share a post on LinkedIn?

You can start by heading to Eventbrite Boost by visiting

From there, head to the "Share on Social" tab and select "LinkedIn" – it's that easy!

What image size should I be uploading for my LinkedIn posts?

LinkedIn post optimum image sizes:

  • LinkedIn post single or multi-image: 1080 x 1080 (square) 1920 x 1080 (portrait)

(More info from LinkedIn on post sizes can be read here)

With our Canva integration, we will automatically default to a 1920 x 1080 portrait-sized image.

Do I need a Canva account to be able to use the Eventbrite integration?

Yes, you need to have an account or create one to be able to proceed using the integration.

Will Eventbrite create a Canva account for me if I don't have one already?

You are able to create a Canva account while using the integration during LinkedIn post setup. You do not need to navigate to Canva to create a new account.

Will my post go live immediately?

Yes, once you click on share, the post will be live on LinkedIn and visible for those that you have granted visibility to. In the future, we will allow you to schedule-out your posts!

What’s the difference between the two visibility options?

If you select “Anyone” that means it will be completely public on LinkedIn, and it would be available to be found and seen by anyone at LinkedIn. If you chose, “Only your connections” then the post will be visible only to 1st-degree connections.

Can I schedule my post for later?

Yes! You can now schedule your posts for later with a Boost subscription or a 14-day free trial! Check out the Scheduling FAQs page for more information.

Do you need to be subscribed to Eventbrite Boost to use this feature?

You don’t need to be subscribed to Eventbrite Boost to use the feature, as posting on LinkedIn through Eventbrite is a free tool.

What Geos is this tool available in?

The Share on LinkedIn tool is available in all geographies.

How do I get support?

You can contact for any questions or concerns.

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