Eventbrite Ads FAQ

Please note: Eventbrite Ads is currently in beta testing. Only a selected portion of Eventbrite creators have access to this feature. Access to additional creators will be released in the next few months.
Creators in NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Las Vegas, Austin, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego, Charlotte, Tampa, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, and Online events located in the US, UK, CAN, and AUS. Please note that repeating and series events are ineligible to launch campaigns at this time.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What are Eventbrite Ads and where do they appear?
Eventbrite Ads help get more visibility by placing your events at the top of relevant Eventbrite search results, related events for people looking for things to do on our website, and Eventbrite's iOS app!
How does billing work?
A credit card is required to run Eventbrite Ads. You will be asked to input or confirm your credit card information prior to the ad campaign launching. Every campaign requires a daily budget that you can set prior to the ads launching. You will be billed once per month at the end of each month for the period of time your ads were running.
Is my event eligible?
In order to run an Eventbrite Ad, your event must meet the following requirements:
  • Public
  • Creators in NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Las Vegas, Austin, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego, Charlotte, Tampa, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Canada, and Australia.
  • With an image
  • Not a series event
What does the Dashboard look like? What insights will I receive from the Dashboard?
Your Eventbrite Ads Dashboard will show you the impressions and clicks your ad has received. The dashboard will also show your cumulative spend for your Eventbrite Ads. All campaigns will be listed with their title, individual impressions, individual clicks, individual spend, and ad status (live, pending, paused, ended, etc.)
Preview of the Eventbrite Ads Dashboard
How will my ad appear in Eventbrite's search results?
Your ad will appear when folks search for events related to yours. The event will appear just like any other event, however your event will have a small “Promoted” brand towards the top of the ad. Note that ads may also appear under the Related Events section of other events.
Preview of an Eventbrite Ad within search results
I have events in multiple cities - can I use Eventbrite Ads?
If your events are in an eligible city or Online - you’ll see Eventbrite Ads as an option. Ineligible events will not show Eventbrite Ads as an option.
Is there a review process for Ads or do they go live immediately?
Trust & Safety reviews all campaign submissions before they go live to ensure that it meets all Terms and Guidelines. The review process takes 1-2 days.
Will my Eventbrite Boost trial or subscription cover my usage of Eventbrite Ads?
No. Eventbrite Boost is separate from Eventbrite Ads, so any campaign budget you choose to invest with Eventbrite Ads is not covered by your Boost trial or subscription.
Does Eventbrite Ads work with repeating/recurring events and/or events with multiple dates?
Not at this time.
How can I change what image is used in my ad?
The image that is used in your ad campaign is the same image you uploaded for your event listing. If you choose to update this image, note that your campaign will need to be re-approved to ensure it meets our Eventbrite Ad Guidelines.
How many ads can I make? Can I make multiple ads for the same event?
You can create one ad campaign for each active event that has been published. However you can’t create multiple ads for the same event.
I want to target consumers in other nearby cities. Can I do that?
Not at this time.
How do I know my ad successfully launched?
Once your ad has been approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know. You can monitor the status of your ad campaign from the Eventbrite Ads tab on your Boost dashboard as well. It will take anywhere from 1-2 days for your ad campaign to begin spending because it needs to be approved by our team first. If it has been longer than 48 hours please feel free to email [email protected] and we can check on the approval status for you.
Why would my ad campaign be rejected?
Your ad campaign can be disapproved if we determine that your campaign does not comply with the Eventbrite Ad Guidelines.
My campaign was rejected so I made edits to it. Can I resubmit it for approval?
If your campaign has been disapproved due to a guidelines violation and you’d like to make edits and resubmit it for approval, please contact the team at [email protected].
How can I see how many ticket sales my campaign drove?
At this time, EB Ads reporting tracks campaign impressions and clicks, which are visible on your campaign dashboard.
Where can I find the invoice for my Eventbrite Ad Campaign?
Visit this link for a full breakdown of your invoices: Invoices Receipts https://www.eventbrite.com/organizations/marketing/settings/invoices
I have more questions about Eventbrite Ads, who can I talk to?
You can reach out to our team here - [email protected].